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adj; To describe something in a manner of bad taste and a slutty nature.
Courtney Love is a whorible person.
by BeeKaySlacker December 24, 2003
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Adjective. Contraction of 'whore' and 'horrible'; allows for a more precise description of a bad woman who also has a particular fondness for sleeping with anything capable of having or resembling an erection.
Don't date bleach blondes. They're all whorrible.
by Muertealkitsch May 17, 2010
anything whorish, such as smoking or anything comparably gross and sleazy.
she's a butt-sucker?!? whorrible! dude, you gotta avoid that nasty bitch like the plague!
by charlesthedick April 08, 2009
A word that means slutty or like-a-whore, but in a nicer and more discreet way.
SaRhea - you're a whor...rible person!!
by Flower March 07, 2005
form of terrible, unfortunately, she manages to bring a man home and hook up with them, thus being a whore, and a terrible, she becomes a new breed, a whorrible.
Waggles: dude, did you see the girl salad hooked up with last night?
Oh what a night: yeah, that girl was a whorrible
by sean ford September 11, 2006

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