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a smoker of tobacco cigarettes, or butts.
don't be a butt-sucker, it's filthy, and not in a good way.
by chuckybubbles December 11, 2008
someone who smokes, and not to preserve salmon. someone who actually inhales smoke on purpose to get a drug from the smoke, such as nicotine. a loser, a stinky butt-sucking loser.
dude, if you are a butt sucker, then you are just a stinky butt sucking loser. don't be such a loser.
by chuckybubbles August 08, 2011
A person that hides inside a toilet waiting for a victim, when someone puts his/her butt on the toilet the buttsucker lunges for his/her butt and sucks all the crap out.

You can't leave the toilet seat when your buttsucked, because the power of the buttsuckers sucking is superb.

Uncomfortable... sometimes

Can also mean loser.
Rick waited inside the the Mexican restaurant's bathroom's toilet for a victim to buttsuck. Rick is a buttsucker.
by HEEEHAW December 06, 2012
Jeans/pants that are so tight they are sucked into your butt
Check out the butt suckers on that chick
by backoffice October 05, 2008
Someone who kisses major boss butt in the office.

Someone who will follow the boss around like a lost puppy dog, with a dumb smirk on their face, kissing butt.

That guy Angle is such a buttsucker.
by Chimberlo November 08, 2007
Someone who slobbers on the end of a cigarette when sharing it with friends
"That Alex is such a butt sucker, this cigarette is fucking soaking"
by Chrissy Bled February 03, 2008
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