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A lifetime of slavery and whippings that you get if you apply for a job at Burger King.
"Oh no! Not whoppertunities! They are painful!"
by Daniel McLaren June 13, 2004
The opportunity to purchase a delicious flame broiled Whopper or Whopper Junior from Burger King.
You're hungry? Well we passed a BK 6 blocks ago, but there's no way I'm going all the way back there. Sorry, you missed your whoppertunity.
#whopper #burger #burger king #opportunity #fast food
by BobBoberBobest January 28, 2011
an opportunity to be that which you are-LOVE

A friend said to me once - I envy the whoppertunities you're about to have. She insisted she'd said 'opportunities' but I heard whoppertunities.
Today's world holds infinite whoppertunities.
by Mary Hayhoe December 10, 2004
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