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crooked, off-center
After the accident, his bumper was all whopperjawed
by reba August 01, 2003
Anything misalligned or moved out of or away from where it is supposed to be. Usually two objects that normally fit together in one manner that for some reason no longer do so.
"I tried to get that bolt out of the bumper of my truck after the crash but it was whopper-jawed as fuck, so I hit it with a hammer until it came out".
by Benji Koontz May 16, 2006
not right, sideways, askew
There was a book in my backpack that was whopperjawed, therefore; it was diggin into my back.
by Kristen November 17, 2003
to be crooked or bent out of shape
that picture that Chris hung in the den was a little Whopper-jawed. I guess he don't own a level.
by kenner63 May 16, 2011
messed up, weird shape.
mrs. korselman says "don't get your clay whopperjawed, you'll get a zero."
by eddie smith May 07, 2003
Word used to describe a kid with a HUGE mouth, because he/she probably got that way eating giant sandwiches like the Whopper.
Yo, that kid Alex is one Whopper-jawed mofo.
by against randall March 20, 2007
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