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6 definitions by reba

crooked, off-center
After the accident, his bumper was all whopperjawed
by reba August 01, 2003
82 20
it's a Bay Area word for sexy,snazzy,and beautifil
that girl was so shanise
by reba May 01, 2004
67 22
One who imitates ACTUAL artist, and can not promote themself as they are.
Millie is so Ashanti, she never has anything original.
by Reba July 07, 2003
23 18
The wonderful genocidal maniac who fits right in his own catagory right next to Johnny The homicidal maniac. i would love to skipping down the lane with one on each arm...
Vash: Knives! You're not even human!
Knives: Damn straight I'm not and don't you ever compare me to those worthless things!
by Reba December 07, 2003
7 6
daddy, father figure.
yo ole boi was trippin last night
by reba November 24, 2003
2 5
Something happy noodle boy says while he was still residing on some random guy's head...
Moo moo moo, I am voodoo cursing you!

Shoobie Floobie Boobie!
by Reba April 13, 2004
6 10