adj. The state of having been beaten down.

see pwned
By the end of fencing class Emily was so whooped by Whitney that she cried. Whitney laughed because Emily is a bitch.
by Kaworu June 30, 2004
Top Definition
To get beat up badly
That boy got his ass whooped.
by Myrtede & Tricia May 19, 2003
To submit to the every command issued forth from your spouse.
Classically Whooped

Rob: Hey sweetie I am going to hang out with the guys tonight.

Rob's Wife: What? Heck no! Your staying home and watching lifetime with me. Then your going to sleep on the couch.

Rob: Yes maam
by D' Marco July 26, 2008
getting your ass kicked badly, losing a fight or any challege(video games, board games, sports etc.)
that one kid got whooped
by sacz69 January 28, 2008
ultimately under the control of an external source. put in check.
that man is whooped.
by alpha mu December 19, 1999
to really like someone to the point where you follow them around.
Dude: " I really love you Mireya, & I know we barely met... but.. "

Mireya: " You don't love me, your just whooped. "
by raahraahraahkillyourself September 10, 2011
To be soundly defeated either in a fight, a sport, or another form of competition.
Joe: Did you see the Bronco game?

Bob: No. What happened?

Joe: The Denver Broncos got whooped 59-14 by the Oakland Raiders.

Bob: Awe, shucks! How humiliating. The Raiders ain't even that good.
by Pretty Boy1983 June 23, 2011
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