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To render something unusable through neglect, (i.e., leave in the yard to be ruined by the elements.)
Mr. Nusbaum white-trashed his Santa on a harley inflatable. It's August and it's still sitting in his yard (with holes in it.)
by Naven Johnson November 08, 2010
To drink cheap beer that is often associated with having less taste but a high content of alcohol (e.g. P.B.R., Natural Ice, Keystone, Busch, anything in a camoflauged can, etc.) until becoming fully inebrated. Furthermore, although this term can be used in reference to going to bars to drink the above types of beer until intoxicated, it is more often associated with purchasing cheap and high bulk quantities of beer at liquor stores or gas stations.

Once inebriated one has to act accordingly, that is, being obnoxious, loud and ignorant. This usually involves the snapping of fingers at bartenders to gain their attention as well as venturing to sleazy strip clubs with cover charges of less than three dollars.
I'm going to the store to pick up some Natty Ice so I can get white trashed.
by Rastafeyd December 15, 2011

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