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A derrogatory term for very poor white people. A racist epithet, not because it specifies race, per se, but because it implies that unsophisticated, disadvantaged white people require special distinction as such to differentiate them from your average poor, huddled masses yearning to be free.

People described as "white trash" tend to be more overtly racist than most, because their very lives prove the fact that you don't have to be black or hispanic to be underpriveleged. They blame non-whites and reverse racism for their oppression...then vote for Bush.
There's trash...and then there's white trash. Some folks you 'spect to be lazy good-fer-nuthin crooks. But white folks? It just ain't natural.
by whitechick August 10, 2006
Usually uneducated whites that inhabit trailer parks, low income apartments or live out in the woods.

They tend to eat pork rinds, KFC, varmint critters and drink a lot of pop and cheap beer.

Their mode of transportation is easy to spot - excessive exhaust, no muffler, numerous rust or primer stains, the WE SPEAK ENGLISH IN THIS COUNTRY bumper sticker and bungee cord keeping the trunk down.

The tend to vote Republican even though Republicans never make their lives any better.

Their sole pride is the big screen TV so they can spend the majority of their time watching WWE, Springer, Spongebob, South Park and NASCAR.

They have 4 kids before the age of 25 and their kids are little version of them - dumb, fouled mouthed and smelly.
There were so many confederate flags at the NASCAR race I thought it was a Klan rally...........stupid white trash
by glum68 December 22, 2008
The equivalent to a nigger except only white. It means ACTING low class--being vulgar, ingnorant,and disrespectful.

Some people think white trash only exists in the country but it can exist anywhere: in the upper class, middle and even in the suburbs.
"Mary is taking and selling drugs," said Jason.

"Yeah, she's definitely white trash. She thinks just because she lives in the suburbs that she is better than those she calls niggers," said Karen.
by soza January 14, 2005
Insectile, subhuman vermin from the Appalachian Mtns. Always drunk, always fighting, always stealing, always racist, always fucking anything that walks on two legs (or more than two legs or less than two legs), always in jail, these are the products of 10 consecutive generations of brother-sister fucking with some barnyard animals thrown in to give their gene pool that extra spice. They can be identified as unbelievably macho, bullying, 300-pound, trailer-living, bingo-playing, Elvis-plate collecting, front-teeth-missing, Walmart-shopping, "y'all"-saying, cowboy-hat-wearing, Camaro-driving, horribly hygiened, Bible-thumping, woman-beating, English-butchering, meth-injecting, beer-guzzling, NASCAR-watching embarrassment to carbon molecules whose only purpose in their obnoxious, protohuman existence is human cockfighting on the Jerry Springer show. They tend to drop out of school at 15 to spawn as many of their filth as they can (often with blood relatives) and because they have the I.Q. of a toilet seat, their banal, quacking conversations (or the noise that passes for them) always revolve around fucking or kicking someone's ass. Nothing else. The rest of their noise is ape-like hooting and hollering (can't tell if it's joy or anger) over whatever childish stimuli their damaged shit-for-brains can detect. They can also be identified by their gallons of cheap beer consumed every morning, always wearing a wife-beater and the old, rusted hulks of cars in their yard and the 40-year-old pickup truck that does run has mud splattered up to the windows and a rag where the gas cap should be. They also consider McDonald's as "going out to dinner."
Aint-it-Cool-News talkbackers, Springer guests, cowboys, country/western musicians and Britney Spears are all white trash.
by N. Fitzgearl November 25, 2005
Kesha is white trash.
by blahblah963 June 02, 2010
Low-class white people who are usually poor, on welfare, have no ambition, often for generations, typically
curse, drink(mainly beer) , smoke, take drugs, are typically promiscuous, fight, yell, have bad grammar, are loud, crude, do jail time, feud with neighbors, are generally known to police, domestic abuse and incest is common, they like country music, Bingo, lotteries, Mullets, NASCAR, monster trucks, wrestling, soap-operas, sports, pick-up trucks, tail-gate parties, live in trailers, rent, subsidized housing, usually overweight,stringy hair, no (or missing) teeth, slovenly in appearance and manners, are uncouth, rude, uncultured, often highschool drop-outs, tattooed, teenage mothers are common, dress sloppy, sleazy, neglect or beat their kids, siblings often have different fathers; generally are rural, and are often racists.
Britney Spears and her family are all white trash!
"Look at the bikers!What white trash!"
by Pogmotoin January 08, 2008
White people that are poor as hell. Most are interbred and have nervous twitches and a lack of teeth. Most run meth labs and moonshine to obtain money.
That Damn Whitetrash is cooking Tweak again!
by psychobillypimpstyle January 27, 2003
A dysfunctional American subculture, primarily poor as heck white people who reproduce like rabbits without the money to raise kids in a decent environment. They are completely ignorant of birth control—even condoms and don’t give a dam about the welfare of children if they have them. Heck, they are ignorant, period, and don’t have much of an education. They probably live on GOV aid in the form of welfare or food stamps, and sometimes use the money to pay for alcohol, tobacco, drugs or just sleezy sex. If they don’t live on GOV aid, they probably work a minimum wage career that doesn’t require any skills like being a checkout clerk, a bagger in a store, collecting shopping carts or even a bar-bouncer if the guy is buff enough. Many live in trailerparks, but also in rundown apartments or government subsidized housing. They can frequently be seen shopping their favorite store—Walmart and most of the men won’t hesitate to wear their wifebeater shirt in the store without a second thought. They usually couldn’t care any less about hygene and it even shows on their children. They are often dirty and smelly, while the men with facial hair don’t shave making it look as though their beard/mustache has collected crumbs.
Whitetrash are about the only American commodity we will never run out of.
by krock1dk March 17, 2008