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Resorting to underhanded means to eliminate one's competition.

Comes from the ice-skater Tonya Harding, who had her boyfriend purposefully club Nancy Kerrigan, who was favored to win the gold, in an attempt to improve her chances in the 1994 Winter Olympics.
That skank better stay away from my man or I'll go Tonya Harding on her ass!
by eighteenlies July 31, 2005
The surprise kneecappin' of noobs to eliminate any future competition.
Dude, I knew if that fatass entered the match he'd own, so I put on a ski mask, hid outside his momma's house, and when he came home I totally Tonya Hardinged his ass!
by J. Knight June 29, 2004
To get a ex-boyfriend to smash the knee of someone you don't like w/ a pipe to get ride of them.
Quick get your boyfriend to pull a Tonya Harding before tomorrow so we won't have to take that English test.
by Jules Marie July 04, 2006
(v.t.) to debilitate the competition through use of a blunt object, especially via a blow to the knee
Eric was tonya hardingged as he stepped onto the field, assuring a victory for the team's manager.
by glertend April 25, 2011
Oregonian champion ice skater, celebrity boxer, and troublemaker, but for all that, a beautiful resilient person from the wrong side of the tracks. In short, America's sweetheart.
The picture of Tonya Harding climbing down from the pickup in a floor-length gown is beautiful.
by octopod June 27, 2004
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