A derrogatory term for very poor white people. A racist epithet, not because it specifies race, per se, but because it implies that unsophisticated, disadvantaged white people require special distinction as such to differentiate them from your average poor, huddled masses yearning to be free.

People described as "white trash" tend to be more overtly racist than most, because their very lives prove the fact that you don't have to be black or hispanic to be underpriveleged. They blame non-whites and reverse racism for their oppression...then vote for Bush.
There's trash...and then there's white trash. Some folks you 'spect to be lazy good-fer-nuthin crooks. But white folks? It just ain't natural.
by whitechick August 10, 2006
Someone who is always poor and dirty and some of them are narrow-minded bigots. I really don't like them.
Some more descriptions of them:
-You look next door and see "Muddin" going on and hear country music/Southern rock playing.
-A Rebel flag is flying on the neighbor's porch
-You see hunting dogs caged up in the backyard
-You hear Southern-like Whooping and "hollering" and occasional gunfire
-Your neighbor is wearing Rebel flag attire, is hairy, and is missing so many teeth it looks like his tounge is in jail
-The neighbor is fat, ugly, wears oversized T-shirts and either smokes or drinks a lot, and her hair is nasty looking
-You see duct tape on everything
I looked out of my window one afternoon and saw a bunch of shitty looking pickups sloshing in a huge crater of mud, while some of the people over there looked on drinking beer and hooting. Some guy was putting duct tape on the door frame.
by The Kentucky Yankee August 12, 2004
White Trash Qualifications:

Watches Nascar
Wears Wifebeaters
Grew up lower class
Shops at salvation Army
most likely overweight with bad teeth or real thin
listens to country
either is too poor to drive or drives a broken down piece of shit truck
a family of sexual abuse or inbreds
has no morals
Sponges off the government, scams the gov. for 'foodstamps'
Lives in a trailer or an apartment complex full of different races
Dosent work or scams the government
Upgraded from Salvation Army to Wal-mart shirts and thinks theyre high class now, HA
That dirty goomba is nothin but white trash, cant you see that?
Billy bob and his 5 cousins
by Destroyer9 October 05, 2006
One who feels the need to park in the fire lane at Wal-Mart even though there are 2000 parking spaces open.
aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
by Great Cornholio March 24, 2005
subsidized housing living, HUD, section 8 female with loser boyfriend or good for nothing layabout husband with a perpetual disability scam having babies on welfare
preferred ride of the white trash woman is the Jeep Cherokee
by cirkle k August 05, 2011
What you live next to in the Midwest (me) or the South if your not in a big city or large town. They can be defined more easily with these following, short descriptions:
-Is very poor
-Smells really bad
-Eats pork rinds, squirrel, and drinks beer
-Wears clothing from Dixie Outfitters, Wrangler, and NASCAR
-Has vehicles up on cement blocks
-Has unkempt hair and an overall nasty-looking appearence.
-If you can hear them laughing and loud-mouthing very clearly from 200 yards away.
-If you see living room furniture and useless appliances outside.
My neighbor is a loud-mouthing piece of white-trash with nasty hair and a film of dirt built up on her skin. The rest of her imbred family lives with her. They live over 200 yards away and I can still hear that ugly laugh that those guys have....UGGH!
by The Kentucky Yankee August 12, 2004
(Noun) A chain-smoking, 300+ pound Welfare termite that can be found wearing oversized Looney Tunes apparel, 65-pocket stone washed denim with lace accents and costume jewlery that smells like a cats asshole due to their excessive amounts of uncaged animals in a 10 x 5 trailer, with scattered animal shit lining their property (lot). Avid QVC shopper and Schwann's consumer who puts televised shopping over the cleanliness and well-being of their 15 illegitimate, shit-faced children. Also, a sue-crazed, government leech who drives an uninsured woodpaneled station wagon or Dodge Neon with NASCAR or Wrestling stickers littering the windows.
Crystal's white trash daughter Destiny woke up under a pool table with a used rubber hanging out of her ass last night and her Taz t-shirt glazed.
by Cory & Justin February 26, 2008
usually a fat ugly person whos on welfare and gets foodstamps, has horrible hygeine, smells like shit, buys their clothes at wal-mart and has a handicapped retarded father who buys clothes from k mart or salvation army. usually will live with a grandmother or aunt because own parents wont have them.
In some sort of trailer lookin house or mobile home.
Damn he live wit his grandma and on foodstamps look at that white trash he aint never gona get a girlfend , poor fat broke white trash loser
by blair February 24, 2005
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