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A gorgeous girl with dark black hair, usually smart and athletic. Hates to acknowledge her beauty, but at the same time knows it's there. Extremely hot... extremely, like drop dead gorgeous, can make any outfit hot and sexy. Oh yeah Shanias ore extremely sexy.
"Hey man have you seen the new girl?"
"Yeah, she's a total Shania."
by Liznatpurple July 20, 2009
674 302
The most beautiful person anyone's ever seen. She is a true godess and is worshiped by all the men. It means to be gorgeous and flawlessly perfect in all ways.
"oh my goodness, have you seen shania, she's absalutly beautiful"

"i wish i were more shania"
by brunette :) May 29, 2009
387 195
Extremly sexy person ! shanias are fun to be around and they love to socialize = ) They love boys and one of their favorite hobbies is flashing ! whooo ;) EVERY guy wants a taste of a SHANIA !
Guy one: "who's the new girl ? shes mad hot !"
guy two: "She must be a shania"

I lovee mhy sister shaniaa lachez ! = )

signedd evan simonee
by Evyy May 01, 2010
181 140
a beautiful, insecure, unique girl who is shy around people she doesn't know but will be the weirdest, funniest girl around her best friends. She is well known for being kind , and her knowledge. Some might be jealous of her beauty and her long brown hair and brown eyes.
girl : " who is that ? do you know her ? "
other girl: "no , but she seems like a Shania"
by wallflowerr February 08, 2014
53 18
verb: to be checked out/eyed up by another male
Have you seen how many times I've been shania'd by that fat guy at the bar? Like, that's gonna happen!
by Finda McValues April 28, 2004
99 97
verb: to kiss passionately usually involving the tongue
We started off just holding hands, but it was all too much, and within seconds, we were shania-ing our faces off! Tongues and all!
by Finda McValues April 28, 2004
66 65
to be rendered speechless through amazement or shock
He told me he had been on the phone to Sally Ann Triplett, the girl from Bardo, the UK's Eurovision entry in 1982! I was so shania'd I had to have 3 vodka and apple's in quick succession!
by Finda McValues April 28, 2004
51 63