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Low-class white people who are usually poor, on welfare, have no ambition, often for generations, typically
curse, drink(mainly beer) , smoke, take drugs, are typically promiscuous, fight, yell, have bad grammar, are loud, crude, do jail time, feud with neighbors, are generally known to police, domestic abuse and incest is common, they like country music, Bingo, lotteries, Mullets, NASCAR, monster trucks, wrestling, soap-operas, sports, pick-up trucks, tail-gate parties, live in trailers, rent, subsidized housing, usually overweight,stringy hair, no (or missing) teeth, slovenly in appearance and manners, are uncouth, rude, uncultured, often highschool drop-outs, tattooed, teenage mothers are common, dress sloppy, sleazy, neglect or beat their kids, siblings often have different fathers; generally are rural, and are often racists.
Britney Spears and her family are all white trash!
"Look at the bikers!What white trash!"
by Pogmotoin January 08, 2008
Jamaican swear word. Noun. Comparable to "bastard hole", Shit features, arse-cloth. Rass being "arse" and claat(or klaat) being "cloth".An insulting term for a person,also related to menstruation.
"get lost, you rasclaat!"
"oh, rasclaat!!"
by Pogmotoin September 30, 2008
A Swastika sticker
"There's a swasticker of those evil Nazis again!"
The skinhead had a swasticker on his notebook.
by Pogmotoin March 02, 2009
Fake bacon, as in simulated bacon bits. A combination of the words "fake" and "bacon".Pronounced "fake-en"
"You can eat fakon during Lent; it's not real meat!"
"Do you have any fakon-bits for my Caesar salad?"
by Pogmotoin February 27, 2009
A vulgar insult, such as asshole, bastard,prick,suck-hole etc...
"Fuck-off, you cock-bite!"
by Pogmotoin October 08, 2008
loose fat bunches of skin and fat that pop up and are pushed upwards, and stick up from a too-tight strapless dress and appear in- between the breast and armpit.Overflowing flesh popping up over the sides of the strapless gown.
That dress is so tight you can see her armpit flaps
I need a smaller size dress so I don't get armpit flaps
by Pogmotoin January 09, 2008
Flabbing jiggling , wiggling, swaying flabs of fat that droop and hang under fat women's(often elderly) upper arms, especially when they have been raised and lifted up. Also known as "bat wings" and "arm flaps" Named after often hefty women who play Bingo.Popularized in Australian and British slang.
Check out the bingo wings on her!
I hate my bingo wings
I need to get liposuction to get rid of my hideous bingo wings
by Pogmotoin January 09, 2008
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