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The belief that members of the white (i.e. those of European ancestry) race are superior to other races. Although the white race has a long and impressive list of accomplishments, whites who believe in white supremacy typically engage in the logical fallacy of assuming that they, as individuals, somehow share in these accomplishments because they share the same skin color or ancestry. The supremacy, or lack thereof, of a given race says nothing about the individual. When speaking of races, one necessarily speaks in terms of distributions in the values of any given attribute (e.g. intelligence, height/weight, running speed), but when refering to individuals, each has a fixed value. Caution must be taken not to engage in the fallacy of believing that because one is white and the white race has an impressive list of achievements as a whole, that one somehow inherits this prestige/value. Same applies to other races.
John decided that he is proud to be white and that blacks are inferior because Africa is mostly black and it is full of violence, poverty, famine and warfare and because Europe is mostly white and full of culture, technology, wealth and power. John, however, can't hold down a steady job, has an IQ less than 90, beats his wife and blames it all on affirmative action. John isn't smart enough to realize he is an individual, not a race, and that he is not supreme, he is a loser.
by FigurinOutLife April 08, 2004
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The idea that some white people (normally white Protestant) have that whites are superior to other races because of the things white people have accomplished even though they themselves as a white person have accomplished nothing in life. These white supremacists are often white trash and are often from the southern part of the United States. These white supremacists usually have this belief because they are at the bottom of social ladder and they want to have someone below them. White supremacists think that just because they are a white all other things accomplished by white people are shared with themselves. They think that because another white person did something important that they themselves share that accomplishment just because they are of the same race.
Jim is a white supremacist. He believes in white supremacy. He believe he is better than everyone else because he is white and that there are lots of accomplished white people. But Jim himself is white trash, he lives in a trailer park, hasn't had a job in 5 years and is not successful in any way.
by laxma1234 November 27, 2009
The belief that those of white background are superior to the rest of the world. This philosophy is promoted by the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan.
In George Bush's America, he and his RepublicaNazi party support white supremacy.
by GuidoPosse69 February 09, 2005
The belief that the white race is inherently superior due to the outstanding accomplishments achieved by the white race throughout history.
It's great to be envied.

-white supremacy
by Malcom Niggersaurus Rex July 24, 2009
Slang word for a cumshot, sperm load... etc
"The bitch wasen't even white and I still had her wanting White supremacy!"
by Kmac Red May 04, 2006

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