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To cum into a fan so the cum will spray everywhere
Guy: Look it's white rain timmy!!
Timmy: wher... *splat* ahhhh my eyes!!
Guy: Ahhh owned you fucking loser!
by VoodooDude February 09, 2004
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When a man cums into the ass of a woman and the woman farts it back out onto the guy.
"Dude, I was screwing some woman. and she whiterain'ed me in the face".

by paynewhore August 09, 2008
after man/woman frats fter being fucked in the ass and filled up with cum.
it was like white rain burst frim her ass when she farted. you knew she took it up the poop shoot
by mikerie January 18, 2008
Whena a motherfucker sux so bad in Fantasy sports and beats off in the shower cause his wife won't hook him up, he has to get the White Rain out.
Damn Walker, your team sux. You win the White Rain award...
by Sew Diggity April 28, 2005

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