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4 definitions by VoodooDude

To cum into a fan so the cum will spray everywhere
Guy: Look it's white rain timmy!!
Timmy: wher... *splat* ahhhh my eyes!!
Guy: Ahhh owned you fucking loser!
by VoodooDude February 09, 2004
Kindo is the new-age term for cool

That is so Kindo!!
by VoodooDude February 15, 2004
A retard who lives in w3p with waddle48
Hey VoodooDude you retard
by VoodooDude February 06, 2004
When you have a curry the night before (ie Korma) and it changes the colour of your shit to a Custard like one
Damn Anoop, that curry last night gave me the custard splats!
by VoodooDude February 09, 2004