It's when a white man sticks his penis in between his legs. It looks like a rabbit is coming out of his ass.
Hey pete! You want to see a white rabbit?
Yeah Cool!... Awww man, that's gross
by bubba April 13, 2005
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The last name of only 16 people. The name implies that there is something special about that person. Little has to be said after the name is mentioned.
"I am thee Morgan Whiterabbit."
by Stephanie Thompson May 30, 2008
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White Rabbit is not cocain, its a rabbit off of alice in wonderland.
Hambly, Mark is not a white rabbit!
by ASh January 26, 2005
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When a male is recieving felattio (blow job) and he is about to ejaculate, he slams the donor of the job down on his penis, and then punches them in the eye. The recepient of the white rabbit then has a black eye, and semen protruding from their nose. Giving them the image of a rabbit with wiskers and a black furry eye.
Hey Jason, sorry about that white rabbit I gave you the other night, I was tanked out on coke.
by The Saix December 10, 2004
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