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A party in which all participants wear white. I used to think that a white party was meant only for white people but i learned that the "white" means that only white apparel and clothes are to be worn.
At our white party some ghetto fuck walked in wearing ghetto ass clothes that where not white... so we kicked his ghetto ass out.
by Aaron the Afghan Starwars! May 27, 2006
A gathering of like minded individuals who are open to taking various white coloured mind altering drugs. Usually taking place in a hotel room or someone's residence
Lets have a "White party"...
by trickyrick3000 August 05, 2011
A large noisy gathering, generally of overweight middle class young white people, at a popular dine-in restaurant to celebrate some special event such as someone's birthday. Always features many tables pushed together to form one big one, mixed up orders, separate checks, slow service and an overwhelmed wait staff.
I'd like another beer, but the waiter is preoccupied with that damn white party over there.
by Valet Parking Hater April 01, 2010