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a term used when in the ack of being on myspace or using myspace; usally used when on myspace for a while because your bored or want to pass the time.
person 1 : "hey whats up"
person 2 : "not much, just myspacen it up, what about you?"
by nicolerocksmore June 28, 2008
a party that everyone dresses up in white.
can be used with any color but all white is most popular because it makes the party classy.

***if a person is not dressed compleatly in white head to toe they do not get in!
im haveing an "all white party" this weekened because im sick of the same old house partys we always go to.
by nicolerocksmore June 28, 2008
also known as apathyXcore or aXc, to say you dont care and are not associated with any "core",like hard-core or emo-core.
person one: im so hardcore
person two: im so emocore
person three: im apathycore, yall have fun with that.
by nicolerocksmore June 28, 2008
stands for tattoo shop slut. refres to a girl that sleep with everyone/most of the tattoer in the same tattoo shop. often gets double teams or sleeps around for free tats.
that girl is such a T.S.S.
by nicolerocksmore June 29, 2008
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