When playing video games you would yell this at the team that beats you. White Ghosting is a made up term to confuse the opponents into thinking they did something illegal.
"You only beat us because you were white ghosting."

"I would of won too if I white Ghosted."
by Like 13 Pirates January 20, 2009
Top Definition
Smoke that stayed in your body after you exhale, that comes up anytime in a cough or burp anytime after finished smoking.

Really all it is, is sometimes when take a big enough rip, smoke might stay in your system (lungs stomache) even though you exhaled your hit. Sometimes your body will completely absorb this excess smoke, but other times your body will make you burp or cough up this extra smoke. It can happen really any time after you smoke. Sometimes it happens a few minutes after smoking, other times it might happen a half hour after smoking.
Your friend burps up a ridiculous ammount of smoke 10 minutes after the bowl you two smoked was cashed. You look at him and say "that was the biggest white ghost I have ever seen".
by mr.FBDS April 13, 2009
A racial slang, used by Hong Kong people or Hongers used to describe white people. A literal translation of the Cantonese term "bak guei".
Look at that white ghost dance.
by Slammer111 April 09, 2006
When you take a poop, wipe, and there is NO poop on the toilet paper. A clean poop.
I took the best poop today, it was a white ghost!
by pooper2011 January 11, 2011
a large group of male unloading into the tub and have the slut dive in and get back up while covered with white jizz
by Red September 29, 2003
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