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The acrid vile often unexpected liquid black excrement that comes spewing forth violently after a whiskey binge.
1. I was in the can most of the morning because of those goddamned whiskey shits.

2. He thought it was a fart, but it turned out he had the whiskey shits.
by DiggleZ July 25, 2006
The type of excrement that is delivered after a night of heavy drinking, where the odor wreaks of putrid and half-digested alcohol and permeates the location in which said "shits" were dropped.
Dude, that was such a party. I was so hammered. Man, I tell ya, I had such a bad case of the whiskey shits that I almost made myself barf when I went to the can.
by InDaHighlandsRanch3 April 10, 2009
The loose and heavy bowel movements that follow from a night of excessive drinking.
I can't make it out today, the whiskey shits have me grounded.
by jsflown October 17, 2010
The amazingly unpopular drink consisting of two key ingredients; pepto bismol and rye whiskey. Although not very tasty, the drink consists of a drop shot of whiskey into the pepto. After effects very distinctly among users. Use at your own risk.

For the not as daring you can do the reverse whiskey shit which is the drop shot of pepto into a cup of whiskey. Will get you drunk faster.
I was trying to prevent the whiskey shits the day after so I ordered a whiskey shit
by donkeybags July 21, 2008
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