white man that becomes severly colorblind, and not only appears to himself as black, but actually begins to believe he is black. In trying to fit in with "their people" they act black and listen to rap music. Whiggers have caused the mass unification of all races to erraticate the whigger.
Wanna beat up so whiggers?
by John October 18, 2003
A young white male who feels the need to listen to shitty rap music go on how hard it is to grow up in his perfect suburban neighbourhood and how hard life is for him and how he is a "gangstah" and occasionally wilol shave his head and say he is a skinhead just because he thinks it associates himself with a type of "gang"(skinheads dont have gangs) because he finally realized he was white
whigger-yo man why dont you bes a skinhead like me
me-I am an actuall fucking skinhead you nigger loving piece of shit
whigger-you wanna get fucking mased buddy
me-*kicks shit out of whigger*
by WP-SKINHEAD February 01, 2007
white people who act black cause they are losers
your average backwards baseball cap wearing whitey who has his pants around his knees saying YO YO YO a lot
by Anonymous March 08, 2003
Noun: a word for a white peron who acts black (not saying that all blacks act a certain way);
a whigger attempts to pull off all G-unit, Enyce and Phat Farm clothes and a "ghetto" accent;
normally he speaks like a whiteboy to his parents for example ... "Hello, mother, how are you?"
"Yo Yo YO! Lez turnd dis bitch ta da crazy assest pardy eva!" said the whigger
by baby9r1 November 16, 2004
A pitiful self-loathing white person who's in the midst of a severe identity crisis, (i.e., Eminem) trying desperately to be black and/or any other culture/ethnicity/race.
Yo, at the 7-11 I spied a Whigger trying to be hot.
by Smokey March 03, 2005
black wannabe
Jason Gallant makes Vanilla Ice look like Hitler
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
Any white person on Long Island that has a fitted baseball hat and use the words "dat" "nahhh" "nawmeen" and "nigga" to there white friends
"yo jahime i went out to long island dis weekend and ders da mostamount of whigger's have eva seen.."
by Matt johann November 17, 2007

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