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a slang phrase meaning: "do you know what I mean?"
"The party was decent, but not poppin, naw meen?"

baby boy da prince uses "naw meen" in his song "naw meen" to make sure the listener knows what he means.
by Phil Free September 10, 2007
45 2
means.. you know what i mean
yo that jacket's tight son, nawmeen?

by shalona November 12, 2007
14 3
mean " you know what I mean"
"This is crazy naw meen"
by Jaykid June 07, 2007
13 6
the ghetto/gangsta standard for asking if you understand the previous statement. The white guy equivalent would be "do you know what I mean"
Yo muh brutha, we gotta cap deez g's foe day be takin up our green! Naw meen?
by snowman4839 June 23, 2009
6 6