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another word for a party, created by the gorgeous McVitie heir, Jamie Laing.
Boiiiii, are you going to Emily's pardy Saturday?

Hell yeah boi!
by Wolfed February 06, 2013
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Another word for party, especially when there are American or Irish people involved.
Pardy on, dude!

Where's the pardy?

Hey, let's pardy!
by Aleksi February 23, 2008
When inebriated or planning to be inebriated in the near future 'pardy' is a word that can be used to replace party. Yelling 'PARDY!' out loud is a fantastic way of communicating with near by individuals that you are down to have a good time or are currently having one... Because sometimes when a party just doesn't cut it you gotta PARDY!
Wanna pardy?

P-A-R-D....Y? Because I GOTTA!

All I do is pardy!
by Juan A. Pardy May 12, 2013
An adaptation short for Compardre' from up north (Liverpool)
Person 1: Safe G, this is my Pardy

Person 2: Safe kidda, Wha de gwarnin!
by Da Furian May 12, 2009
the older, more polite persons word for 'fart'
roger:oh i say, what is that smell?
jane:why pardon me roger, i do believe ive just done a pardy!
by viccichick July 02, 2005
person who assists in the ancient art of "dog wanking" .
Kevin held the legs as Keith Pardyed the "Red Rocket"
by the only gay in the village December 07, 2004
Soft-core sex after making an abrupt departure from a social event.
I pardy with the girls after every company dinner.
by Mooseski August 01, 2007
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