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A white guy who walks,talks,dresses and acts black. (similar to generic white boy)
You Are A Whicker If:
-Your white listening to lots of rap
-Your white wearing a lot of air jordans,addidas and nikes
-Your white and you use numerous slang words
-Your white and you decide to go to champs and buy some Curry's instead of DC's
-Your white and your best friend is black

-Your white and you wear a bling out watch
-Your white and you say you from a hood but haven't been in a room filled with black people in your life
-Your white and you hate sketchers
-Your white and you don't like to swim
-Your white and you can recite rhymes from rappers other than Eminem
-Your white and you chose KFC and Popeyes over Starbucks
-Your white and you laugh at racist jokes
-Your white and you don't watch Greys Anatomy

-Your white and you got a thing big boody girls
-Your white and you turn up to Fetty Wap
-Your white and you slide into thirst traps dms
-Your white and your passion is to play basketball
-Your white and you love chicken
-Your white and you see starbucks coffee spill and you don't cry
-Your white and you don't cry watching Lassie
-Your white and you know who Tupac is
-Your white and you listen to N.W.A
-Your white and a black dude gave you the n-word pass
-Your white and your favorite comedian is Eddie Murphy
"Look at Steve wearing air jordans and listening to DMX, he's such a whicker!"
by Yo.1234567890 May 22, 2016
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