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A Mexican slang word for a white person.
"Get the fuck outta here you goddam whetto!"
by Mattie S. July 13, 2005
An area with all the familiar signs of a ghetto(shitty houses,broken down cars,high crime,high drug use)but most of the residents are white.

Usually a large trailer park or shitty Apartment complex
Theres no ghettos in Bonney lake washington but a hell of alot of whettos!
by Dewey1991 August 17, 2007
Having ghetto-like characteristics despite being white.
He was totally whetto.
by A Granola Bar April 25, 2016
Variation of the term Ghetto referring to a slum like neighborhood or project primarily inhabited by latino's or, as popular racial slang refers, "Wetbacks". Also refers to an object, style or lifestyle which reflects values found in such places.
Guy: "Yo man do you remember where that Mexican joint was where we snagged those awesome fish tacos?"
Friend: "Yeah man but it's in the middle of the Whetto and there are some pretty sketchy beaners in that area."


Guy: " Bro! Where'de you get that sick bandana!? It's so Whetto!"
by Con-Man 6279 April 22, 2011
People who live in the whetto are often "wiggers" or "wangsters" it is a form of a wanna be ghetto life style place.
Sean "Those wiggers and wangsters living on first street are so from the whetto!"
Douglas "yeah i know G they all walk around with paintball guns disquised as real homey guns"
by Bulbs March 25, 2006
where rich urban white kids live and try to act all ghetto even though they live in the O.C. and their parents are all rich and their neighborhoods are lined with trees and nice houses.
Skylor looks like he's from the streets but look at his drivers license and you see he just tries to act ghetto, knowing damn well he just whetto.
by fuckface October 09, 2004
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