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what I spend 90% of my "work" day doing......how many people, do you suppose, actually work at their job? How many actually earn a paycheck? I certainly don't. I'm not proud of it. It's pathetic, in fact. Thank God for sites like this that can keep me amused for hours.
Five minutes after I arrive at work, I can commence wasting time.
by fuckface October 14, 2003
(N) a word describing something as Butt Fucking Ugly
That bitch is bfugly.
by fuckface December 10, 2003
a penis as small as a hamster's penis
When I took off my pants she laughed at my shit, and shouted, "Its so small!" then called me hamsterpenis.
by fuckface December 10, 2003
slang for Ecstacy pills
"mate sort us out some littleluns!
by fuckface September 13, 2004
(N) a book of people hated people .
That bitch bit the tip of my cock, she's in my shictionary now!
by fuckface December 10, 2003
self evident
any lineman in the NFL....major bumsweat going on there.
by fuckface October 14, 2003
where rich urban white kids live and try to act all ghetto even though they live in the O.C. and their parents are all rich and their neighborhoods are lined with trees and nice houses.
Skylor looks like he's from the streets but look at his drivers license and you see he just tries to act ghetto, knowing damn well he just whetto.
by fuckface October 09, 2004

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