Whelp means "a puppy/pussy".
You know the saying, "If you can't run with the dogs, go sit on the porch with the rest of the puppies." It's kind of like calling someone a pussy. EX: Dude, you're a fucking whelp puppy, pussy. EX 2: Someone goes to a concert on a Sunday night and has work the next day, a REAL man would go, but a whelp a.k.a. pussy/puppy would stay home because he wouldn't "feel up to it".
by Thor April 03, 2005
Top Definition
interjection. A remark, generally thought of as southern slang, that is derived from the word "Well" and also used in its stead in order to lead one into another sentence that may continue a paused conversation/story or be used to signify the conclusion of one. Where as pronunciation of "Well" can be drawn out, "Whelp" is strictly pronounced very quickly and with a slight rising-inflection.
a. Whelp, the barn is on fire, I lost my cell phone, and my girlfriend is cheating on me with a clown. Today's been so-so, I s'pose.

b. Yea, so I say to her "You better have my money, or Santa Clause might come to town, ON YOUR ARSE!" *entire posse laughs , and suddenly a the story-teller's wife walks into the bar, brief pause as everyone looks at her* Whelp, time for me to getting home I s'pose.

(Robin is caught in bed with another man by Batman)
c. Robin: I guess the cat's out of the bag...
Batman: Whelp, that sure does explain a lot.
by abel tesfay December 15, 2006
A small child, infant, or toddler.
Not a mean term.
Look at the whelp of the family!


Child: mom, why am I so small?
Mom: Because you're my little whelp!
by sammo tm July 08, 2014
Whelp: to be an immature worthless being, imitated only by pond scum and puddles of projectile vomit.
Margerie: Tommy pick up your books
Tommy: no.
Margerie: Why you insolent whelp!
by Ragamuffin March 26, 2005
At odds end. It is what it is.
Hey Georgie, Z grabbed the last beer. All out, stores are closed. "Whelp"
by BedBug October 04, 2014
Annoying, fire-breathing, face-biting baby dragons that get aggro'ed when noobs fly into the Whelp Cave. Collectively, Whelps have killed more people than AIDS.
by Killer7481 August 24, 2008
A hot young 20 something guy who prefers having sex, dating, or marrying older women.
Michael, why don't you go out with chicks your own age, aren't you like 25?

Nahh man, I'm a whelp. Gotta be over 35 if they wanna get with me.

Ashton Kutcher is a whelp, his wife is Demi Moore.

Dude, you gotta stop whelping on those Coyotes!
by websterschick February 06, 2010
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