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The offspring of a whale and an elephant, usually born with birth defects.
The RSPCA were sent out to rescue a beached whelephant on the River Thames.
by Malcolm Turntable June 19, 2009
A mix between a whale and and elephant. Not an elewhale!!!
The whelephant enjoys being called the right species.
by Hmmmmmmmmm May 31, 2014
not a fucking word. its as if some tard was trying to use their mommys computer.
DAMMIT SARAH! get off'a mommys porn box!
by collin miller October 19, 2003
1)one who is by defenition "too cool for school", "big pimpin" if you will. 2) a person or persons having much whelph or "pimposity".
YO nukka, that biZatch is the biggest whelephant i eva seen, DAYM!

I be ballin lika whelephant motha Fuc*A, step off!
by sarah February 18, 2003
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