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To Wheel (Verb)- Being able to attain the affection of an attractive female through one's smooth words, suave interaction, and or good looks. A guy who "wheels" is one who can easily pick up chicks. One who is not good at getting girls is referred to as "having no wheels."
"I don't know how he does it, but Ben wheels so many girls."

"Did you see Jacob last night? He was wheeling that one hot chick so hard."

"I feel bad for Josh, he has no wheels."
by Domdabeast January 20, 2013
17 6
a device invented by cavemen for cavemen so they could escape their wives
Hey that neanderthal had a good idea with that wheel, now our wives won't force us to do crap we don't want to!
by WhoGonnaKnow June 30, 2011
84 74

Suprised you guys don't have this. Happy to be submitting it certainly won't take credit for it though. When you don't want to be an asshole and say 'Za'.
Yo Phil, call Dominos and grab a couple Wheels.

Yo, you wanna grab a couple wheels??


by Leafluvr March 23, 2014
0 0
Something that a slow person does not have. One of the least known people without wheels is teddy.
Teddy has no wheels!
by Jill Ronald Wennings May 12, 2010
40 41
A song by the Foo Fighters. Released on their Greatest Hits album.
A: "What's next on the album?"
B: "Wheels"
by JaaagMan October 21, 2012
11 15
a term used to refer to a person who is confined to a wheelchair.
nice wheels. can you do any tricks?
you should get some sweet dubs for that thing.
nice wheels, turbo.
by walkingblind November 13, 2005
23 29
A nickname given to a person who through generally oafish, apish and neanderthal-like behaviour appears almost to be mentally retarded. As would be expected a social ineptitude accompanies this. A wonderfully agile mind may well be hiding beneath the surface but the outward appearance and demeanour means the recipient would not seem out of place pushing themselves along in a wheelchair, wearing a safety helmet and screeching at the top of their voice: "WHEEEELS!"
After meeting such a person: "Is wheels autistic?"
Or after going out for dinner: "Why does wheels eat like a caged beast?"
On a night out: "Look at wheels dance, it's the funniest thing I've ever seen!"
by spokeydokey July 14, 2006
41 48