To Wheel (Verb)- Being able to attain the affection of an attractive female through one's smooth words, suave interaction, and or good looks. A guy who "wheels" is one who can easily pick up chicks. One who is not good at getting girls is referred to as "having no wheels."
"I don't know how he does it, but Ben wheels so many girls."

"Did you see Jacob last night? He was wheeling that one hot chick so hard."

"I feel bad for Josh, he has no wheels."
by Domdabeast January 20, 2013
To have a way with women, usually involving some sort of charm and/or game plan. Very similar to charisma. Derived from "wheelin' and dealin'".
Did you see the blonde he went home with? That guy's got some serious wheels.
by Tracerbullet February 06, 2009
Flirting with someone

Also something immature teenagers like to scream if a guy even talks to a girl.
Boy: hi Erin!

Erin: Hi!

Immature teenager: WHEELS!!!!!
by Potatoeloverxxx September 10, 2016

Suprised you guys don't have this. Happy to be submitting it certainly won't take credit for it though. When you don't want to be an asshole and say 'Za'.
Yo Phil, call Dominos and grab a couple Wheels.

Yo, you wanna grab a couple wheels??


by Leafluvr March 23, 2014
A song by the Foo Fighters. Released on their Greatest Hits album.
A: "What's next on the album?"
B: "Wheels"
by JaaagMan October 21, 2012
Something that a slow person does not have. One of the least known people without wheels is teddy.
Teddy has no wheels!
by Jill Ronald Wennings May 12, 2010
a term used to refer to a person who is confined to a wheelchair.
nice wheels. can you do any tricks?
you should get some sweet dubs for that thing.
nice wheels, turbo.
by walkingblind November 13, 2005
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