Ones feet.
Man, these J's are hurtin my wheels.

Get off my wheels, they are tickleish
by Ashley42 August 02, 2008
A man's testicles. Usually located in his scrotum unless heavily knocked.
1. The rugby league player said "He grabbed my wheels and gave them a bit of squeeze, 100 per cent, I looked at the ref and said 'What's doing?'"
2. The boy said "I saw the neighbor trying to park his car in mummy's garage but his back wheels kept hanging out"
by Tod Flanders April 07, 2008
A nickname given to a person who through generally oafish, apish and neanderthal-like behaviour appears almost to be mentally retarded. As would be expected a social ineptitude accompanies this. A wonderfully agile mind may well be hiding beneath the surface but the outward appearance and demeanour means the recipient would not seem out of place pushing themselves along in a wheelchair, wearing a safety helmet and screeching at the top of their voice: "WHEEEELS!"
After meeting such a person: "Is wheels autistic?"
Or after going out for dinner: "Why does wheels eat like a caged beast?"
On a night out: "Look at wheels dance, it's the funniest thing I've ever seen!"
by Pedrothebadger July 13, 2006
Someone with a wheeled backpack.
1. Bunch of Kids: HEY WHEELS!!!!!!!!
2. Hey Wheels whats new?
by Jim April 17, 2005
You get around. Can be yelled at someone in an accusatory manner, or used to describe someone who's been with several partners.
Dude, that guy has wheels, he's been with every girl in this school.
by Rose937 March 27, 2011
One of the many slang terms used for Xtc
I need a 10pack of wheels to goto the club tonite.

Im getting a 10pack of wheels so we can all roll tonite.
by Eckstahsee December 18, 2003
melanie anderson
josh is her wheel.
by landocommando November 23, 2010

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