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Used when you think you are tottaly right, end of story.
Also spelled, whatthefuckever.
While reading any literature(including text messages)or listening to a voicemail, pausing to scream Whatthefuckever in outrage.

While debating what the fuck ever may be added at any time to show confidence.
by hAshley August 18, 2005
Shouted, (usually while interrupting someone mid-sentence), when you firmly believe you are right, period, regardless if you really are or not, and have run out of ways to argue your point. Also said as a means to shut the preverbial door in the other person's stupid face.
"Dude, I'm telling you, raisins are just dried grapes."

"Nuh-uh, they grow on trees, jerkface."

"Let me show you a gr-"

by Amanda, Evansville, IN October 08, 2009
a group of words used to be disgunteled disgusted or upset with what another persoin is saying.
Teacher: Get out of my classroom please?!

Boy/Girl: Oh What-The-Fuck-Ever!
by Wacy Arndt April 02, 2007
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