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what the fuck ever
wtfe, asshole.
by Kranix October 28, 2003
Wat the fuck ever
Ur a bitch
Wow wtfe
by gus_r12 December 27, 2013
What The Fuck Experience. A term used to describe an escort who really shouldn't be in this industry, as opposed to GFE (Girlfriend Experience) or PSE (Pornstar Experience). An escort who is more restrictions than allowances.
Customer: "How would you describe your service style, GFE or PSE?"

Escort: "DONT TOUCH ME....JUST LOOK..and I'll let you pay me for it...."

Customer: "So really a WTFE, then?"
by blackram67 February 24, 2013
Adding, "eh?" to the end so that the phrase becomes the Canadian version. "What the fuck, eh?" or abbreviated to WTFE.
That driver just flipped me the bird for stopping at a red light... WTFE?
by Kathy G. June 21, 2007
When The Fuck Ever. Used as an antonym to ASAP, which is relatively redundant and most requests for assistance and information typically infer that said asker required and answer as soon as possible. Origins are relatively unknown but I would like to claim it resulted from a medication induced conversation.
I need these TPS reports WTFE.
by Da Mox April 18, 2005
Abbreviation of: What The Fucking Egrit. Used when something is awry. See EGRIT.
"WTFE?! Did she take that whole bottle of vodka?!"
by Treegrit V June 04, 2009
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