A person that sits in their parents basement listening to scanners, and posting the information on their shitty firewire, or emergency alerts facebook pages.
by fdjs365 July 30, 2013
Noun to describe a person of an urban subculture in the Republic of Ireland, more so males. Characterized by but not limited to involvement in petty crime, anti-social behavior and certain fashion trends such as wearing excessive gold jewelry, wearing Burberry branded clothing and wearing sports type clothing. Was used predominantly in the cities of Cork and Dublin. Usage of the term has died out but not completely. Similar in meaning to the more popular and British originated term chav but the whacker type person could be considered more 'street'. Etymology unknown and Origin unknown, most likely late twentieth century
Don't walk home that way, there's usually a gang of whackers hanging around there.
by KGGS2 August 05, 2011
wireless hackers.
also refered to as 'wibos', or wireless hobos, and hahaha..digital pathogens!
whackers fuck your richo mother, kid! no, not just that ..they can fuck your comp and that BlueTooth cellie you think no one can ave ..(shit! thank gawd i'm a technophobe..).
by hytham_hammer July 05, 2005
Noun: Whack-er

1. A wanna-be hacker...A person who claims to have "god-like" or "Hacker" computer skills without actually possessing the abilities.

2. Someone who uses hacker toolkits with no real hacking knowledge.
George is a whacker. He tried to "hack" work when he got fired, but he got busted by the cops because he did it all from his home computer without hiding his IP address.

Whackers are easily spotted because they often misquote technical facts from television shows like CSI and NCIC and make unfounded claims about their ability to use NMAP.

The Internet has spawned an entire group of whackers... users with little computer education and open access to hacker-grade toolkits. Imagine this group of whackers as a group of children playing with guns... it's only a matter of time before someone gets shot.
by [502] KanocAnoc March 18, 2010
a person who loves firefighting too much
"That whacker has so many blue lights on his vehichle!"
by Cara October 12, 2003
n. a white dude fucking a black chick

antonym: n. biter
Jane: "That asshole left me for that ghetto bitch"
Tina: "That fucking whacker"
by rgelsh October 23, 2007
The completely understandable definition for the rap, r&b, and hip hop being made today in the mainstream. Creation of this word inspired by afroman's song whack rappers, it demonstrates that most new age rappers are "whack".
Nas is in the video with Kelis
Jay-z's in the video with Beyonce
both of these rappers (whackers) are whack (Rap)
by Hippiefish July 12, 2006

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