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An individual with an extreme obsession with anything involving the Fire Service. one who becomes overly excited over any emergency call just so that they can over assesorise there vehicle with lights, sirens and mobile radios. from trees down to working structure fire's they use any means nessisary to be the first on scene (ie. driveing past the fire house in there own vehicle with out the life saving equipment at the fire house) Also known as a Ambulance chaser who listen to the emergency radio waiting for an emergency call to either observe or try and take control of the situation weather they are called or not. these people usually are undertrained and usualy are not to brite. They obsess and glout the fact that they have the title Probationary Firefighter or EMT but they never care to mention the Probationary Part! are usually probies and wanna-b's
Cory is such a whacker! he stays at the fire house all day and waits for calls. Just the other day i seen him sitting in the fire truck playing with the tools, he even turned on the lights and sirens!
by Libertysccr2 December 06, 2011
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