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Who Gives a F*ck?
Who will clean up the Firecracker trash?
I don't know, WGAF?
by Dill July 03, 2004
Who gives a fuck
Ronald: I failed my English paper last year
Gerald: Wgaf?
by chstakdnflskufn December 08, 2010
Who Gives A Fuck.
Dan: " Hey Bill, I don't think you should have fucked that stripper last night. You have a wife. "

Bill: " WGAF. "
by Uncle Chronic September 19, 2011
Who Gives A Fuck
Hey im the boss of you
so Wagaf (W.G.A.F)
by Bob the sixth June 27, 2013
In a press conference in Waltham, MA on Thursday, July 16, Bill Donlan officially announced that he invented WGAF.
"I invented WGAF." - Bill Donlan
by BD Fan Club July 16, 2009

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