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Wez is a wonderful guy, with a great personality and is pretty hot. He loves his friends and family, and is very forgiving, even to people that dont deserve it. He hates fake people and reheads turn him on. When he falls for someone he falls hard and hes a wonderful person to be with. So if you get a wez dont let them go.
Person 1: wez just asked me out, should i do it?
Person 2: Yes!!!! wez is amazing!
by loltrolololol July 03, 2012
the invisible member of a band, team or group of friends. often full of many an idea for the good of the group but very rarely manages to make it materialise (or himself)
He's done a Wez on us again.

Where's that Wez?
by Anonymous October 03, 2003
To "Wez" something is to go at something with ruthless and reckless abandon with little fear or care of any consequence.

Etymology - Based around the character Wez from Mad Max II: The Road Warrior – A character who has been described as a huge brute who rides around on his bike, snarling psychotically.
Example 1

"Jesus, he's just Wez'd that halfpipe transition!"

Example 2

"I think the waves may be a bit too big for me today"
"Don’t' be a pussy! Wez the fuck out of that shit!"

Example 3

"If in doubt, Wez that shit out!"
we iz..we iz gonna...we did...we will...
We'z some crazin bitches.
We'z jumpin dat gurl.
wen i come over we'z getiin our freak on & doin da nasty..
by --haleyallison April 15, 2008
To Wez is to replicate being dormant while engaging in sexually explicit behaviour
Hey some guys asleep on the couch... wait a minute hes not sleeping hes dj'n. thats a wez
by Nik Harvey69 October 30, 2006
pussy :p

can also be used as wezzy.
omg! what a wez (: (kisha)
by nicoleleilani(: January 09, 2009
by Anonymous October 09, 2003

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