Used to describe a male with less than heroic characteristics. Often applys to one's ability to consume alcohol, but can extend to all things to describe an individual's general lameness.
A: I was planning a real bender last night but I only got through two beers before I went home.
B: Well that's wet.

That Jimmy is so wet, he never even leaves the house any more.
by timboooo September 02, 2006
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1)when a girl is horny and leak vaginal fluid
2)when someone has a bedwetting accident
2)to smoke PCP
1)Whenever my girlfriend sees me, her vagina becomes very wet.
2)Oh, crap! I just wet my bed and ruined a pair of underwear.
3)I've gone off the wet.
by Horny McScrewer April 26, 2004
you horny bastard, you know what wet means
quit asking what wet means, pervert!
by sexy nico ,,!,, (-_-) ,,!,, November 28, 2008
When a women's vagina is fully lubricated and ready
Don't fuck me untill my pussy is wet
by Joe November 17, 2003
when a girl becomes "moist" when we she's horny
OMG he's so hot i get wet just looking at him!!
by Anonymous February 01, 2003
what happens when you get a liquid like water on you
some kid: *throws water*
you: fuck now i'm wet
by C. Barton December 21, 2006
1.what happens when i think about fucking my boyfriend or having a 3some with a hot girl
2.what happens in my panties when i picture Pam Anderson sitting on my face
Oh you got me so wet..ohh, it's just dripping out of my pussy!!
by Princess Pussy Willow December 06, 2004
Often while playing basketball a shot can be "wet". It is a swish and is usually called before it even goes in.
That shot is wet.
John shouted "It's Wet," while David's shot was flying into the basket.
by David Inwald April 21, 2006

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