Good or drunk or fucked up. The west side of Chico california is dominated by low cost student housing. Many parties happen on the west side of town and most of the hot young women that attend California State University Chico live on the west side as well. West side has come to mean many things from exceptional to to terrible.
It would be halla west side if you fronted me a sack.

That chick is hella west side.

Damn that's a hella west side smell
by pharmapharmer February 26, 2005
west side of London
always in conflict with the East side, as who is the BADDEST!!
hey wassup, west side is the best! wesstside
by esh November 11, 2006
The west sid eof chicago
"I'm from the west side!"
"West side up in this"
by Kristen December 20, 2003
Used to refer to an inhabitant of the West Side (predominately Hispanic) of San Antonio. Sometimes said with pride, although can be offensive...depends on the person and how it is meant.
"If you're not careful, I'll go West Side on you!"

"Ugh! She is SO West Side!"
by Reeko Swahvay October 09, 2003
look up West Coast
Look up West Coast
by *Wonderboy Marvel* June 30, 2003
1. A really, really, shitty high school. It's run by a bunch of fuck-assed cowards who lick each other's scrotums while making retarded policies designed to suck the life essence out of the students who are trapped in the shit-dirty hallways that smell of sex and gay butt sex because of all the rape going on everywhere you look because it's such a fucking shitty school. 2. A place where the administration focuses on ass ramming the students at every possible opportunity despite the fact that they get paid by the students' parents to do exactly the opposite. 3. A whore house in the disguise of a public high school.
Dude, I got laid so many times at Westside yesterday! They have the most sluts of any place I've ever seen in my life!

Guess what happened at Westside today? I got fucked up the butt by the dean!

If I ever wanted a teacher to stick his cock so far up my ass that I would scream, I would definitely go to Westside!

When you go into the Westside guidance department and ask for help, they first dump nasty oil all over you. Then they strip you naked and tie you up. They just got a gay guy, too, so he screws you everywhere with a dildo, which is really fucking sick.
by Bill January 25, 2005
A Great Replacement for any word. Often used in answering or an emotional accomplishment.
you just won the lottery, OH WESTSIDE!
My dog just died, oh man Westside.
Hey cut out that Westside attitude.
by Maxy MacDaddy April 05, 2006
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