Normally when referring to LA but can be used to refer to any of the western states in America.
west side is the best side bitch!
by Angelacia June 15, 2007
alternative to the shocker

when using the west side sign, the pointer finger is used for clitoral stimulation while the middle and ring finger are twisted and inserted into the vagina; the pinky can be used for anal stimulation if possible
guy 1: dude, have you tried the west side?
guy 2: no, what tha fuck is that?
guy 1: dude, it's like the shocker but the girl actually likes it
guy 2: that's awesome
by dan bonding August 13, 2006
Westside is the epitome of cool
George Griffin is the Westside
by peaceloveandhp December 11, 2009
the side of a city where the homies hang out and shoot people
rollin wit ma homies in the west sie-eed-ah!
by cathie August 25, 2003
west side gangsters are in this modda fucka so drop ya guns cuz we came to party
the west side of compton is the best side harlem WHAT WHAT!!!
by gangster number 1 December 17, 2004
The western section of Brownsville, where the homies live up the dizzy day and cap dirties like it ain't no lie. Sign is formed by flattening hands into "karate chop" position and then extending the thumbs at 90-degree angles. The thumbs are hooked and a "W" is formed, similar to Wu Tang.
NOTE: Extremely dangerous to enter for anyone more than 5% Caucasian.
Watch out for Umberto, dawg...he's from the West Side.
*flashes hand signal* WEST SIDE! *runs*
by Shadowfyoory April 04, 2004
referes to the west side vs east side gang which would constantly fight and attack each other
by devilheart14 October 16, 2003

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