Wesley is a sweet, wonderful, nice guy. Evryone loves him especially me. He is so sexy and has a killer attitude. He is the best friend you could ask for but sometimes he hides his feelings. He hold walls and you can't easily break them down.
1: I love Wesley he is so sweet
2: I wish I had a boyfriend like Wesley
by So not Kaegen James February 24, 2013
Top Definition
Someone who is too cool for words. Wesley's are very influential and make friends easy. Many people misunderstand them but they are really on a higher lever of thinking. Wesley's are not ignorant and see the world how it is not how they wanna see it.
Person 1: Man, wesley is so cool, man i don't even know man.
Person 2: That's not just any wesley that's Wesley FUCKING Cool
Person 3: Woah man, Woah.
by wesmonster July 10, 2008
God amongst Gods, Spartan Warrior, Leader of the Brave, Beast, these are but merely a few things that describe the man that Zeus himself bowed down to! The man that wins wars single handedly without the world finding out! The man that killed the Hulk and slayed Thor.
Wish I was Wesley
by Legend_killermurder May 09, 2012
Noun: a funny person at times but can be your worst enemy

also. A nerd rager when provoked.

Verb: used to describe someone raging
'Did Xing Yu just Wesley? '
by wesley9696 November 17, 2011
Has a way with people. He can easily make you fall for head over heels and keep you there. The kind of man you want to spend the rest of your life with.
I want to marry a Wesley.
by Kittlynn April 14, 2013
Very talented, crazy, friendly guy. Most people doubt their ablilities but Wesley's are very humble, kind, and loving. Sometimes they have a short temper. Not many people understand them or their way of thinking. They see the world how it is and not the way the want to see it. If you ever meet a Wesley, don't waste the opportunity.
Guy 1 "Wesley is so cool. I wish I could be him."
Guy 2 "Yeah he's so fucking cool! I don't even know man.."
Girl 1 "Oh you guys know Wesley? ...I am sooo in love with him <3"
Girl 2 "No way! He's mine! I heard that he's really good in bed too ;)"
by breanna_w August 15, 2013
The perfect man. He is humble, loving, considerate and genuine. He always looks out for his friends and family. He loves his girlfriend too bits and treats her like Gold.He is the perfect Kisser and a real hottie. He is also the best friend that anyone could ask for and he only has eyes for girls with the name Jamé.
"Wesley and Jamé are soul mates!"
by Krystal23 June 25, 2013
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