A crazy but sexy man that knows how to make you feel special. He makes you fall fast and hard. Always there for you to comfort you. He is happy constantly and tries to make others happy. An amazing lover that can drive you insane! Compassionate and loyal to the end!
When Wesley is around, your heart skips a beat
#sexy #lover #compassionate #hyper #mine
by LHlover September 07, 2014
a fucking cool black kid who loves fried chicken and watermelon AND HAS a big black juicy MANDINGO DICK.

and has kind of a booty cheek appetite. both man and woman
Girl:Did you hear about wesley.... he was spreading booty cheeks in jail.
Boy: Yh I know because he did it to me.
by kips3 May 04, 2016
Wesley's are guys who are really sweet as friends and really creepy as boyfriends. Wesley's should never be let out of their Friend-Zone, they cannot behave themselves.
1. "Wesley" you're the perfect FRIEND.

2. "Wesley" you're like a BROTHER to me.

3. "Wesley" , I wish I had a boyfriend like you (but not you, stay in your lane nigga)
#wes #welsey #friend-zone #friend #terminally zoned #brother #creepy
by I hate you, die June 25, 2014
someone who smokes the erb, who hits bamboo bongs like a pro, rolls blunts like cigars. and best of all a straight up chiller.
dude roll a wesley blunt.
#wesleys #wess #wes #wesly #wesy
by ahdjgnjkd hknlks October 07, 2010
A musical genius!
He play that instrument as if he was a wesley.
He is such a wesley!
#musical #wesley #composer #lyricsist #musician
by john Devour August 16, 2011
Noun: An ass passing gas.
Verb: To fart in copious amounts, often resulting in soiled undergarments.
Adj: One who has the ability to fart on command.
Kyle: "Did you just wesley?"
Brandon: "Hell yeah, do you smell it?"
Kyle: "Dude you should totally check your pants."
#shart #skidmark #fart #poop #shit #feces #butt burp
by AfFlIcTeD StAtE August 19, 2010
An incredibly sexy, incredibly thoughtful guy. Often called devastatingly handsome, a Wesley is known for his musical talent and has a dumbfounding way with words. He makes friends easily, but sometimes finds it hard to let people in. He is caring, intelligent and sweet, an all around awesome guy.
Person1: "You know that guy who was playing last night?"
Person2: "Oh, yeah, he's such a Wesley!"
#wesly #wes #awesome #handsome #wezley
by Chashmonit December 18, 2010
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