A gay imaginary friend. If you have a Wesley you have no life.
Me: Did you hear the news?
MY friend: What?
Me: I killed my Wesley last night.
by thebesturbandictionaryuser1234 November 25, 2011
wesley is normally a guy who is gay but doesn't want to come out for it in public. he is still in the closet but soon he will come out.
he that wesley is still in the closet
by Youaresogaywesley March 23, 2013
A gay farmer who likes little they make him feel so good. he also likes to mastrubate to eporner and chiara
look there a wesley fapping in a corner
by Wesleyjebentgay March 23, 2013
A gay farmer who likes iris (a fucking kerstboom). he faps to iris and chiara and other little kids. he also has a small penis. in fact he has no penis.
He has no penis, wesley
by wesleyjebentgay March 23, 2013
he always has aids and fucks with nigers and likes it. he has no penis because he needed a surgery very badly. now he never can get kids with nigers anymore so he likes to rape little children. he lives with some downers.
he wesley
by jgfrgrgrg March 23, 2013
Wesley is a Majestic Beast.

Wesley spends his time in the forests meditating.

Usually pondering the meaning of life, which he already knows.

Engaging Wesley will invoke the wrath of Nature, killing the attacker instantly.

Wesley is known to wander in spirit form spreading the grace of his presence to others found worthy while they sleep.

Wesley is often known as a Puzzle Master, and has immense powers.
In the forests you may see a shining white light, there sits Wesley.
by icedragon500 October 25, 2010
a boy who acts as if he is your dad. he takes over your life. he has a small weiner and is always a drama queen. He cries alot because he is a closeted gay. he definately loves shoe shopping but noone else likes him
do you know bob?
YAH He wont let me wear what the fuck i want
o that sucks you should dump his ass
but i love him
but hes such a Wesley
by nan101 January 02, 2012
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