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Short form of the question "Where and When"?
You know, we really should do something about all this sexual frustration between us" "You're right sweet ass, wern?
by Sri-quoyah June 01, 2010
1. A derogatory term used to describe a cheapass.

2. Derived from the ebonic pronounication of the word "worn". It is shortened from the phrase "worn out woman" and refers to women who have been used one too many times; who have been around the block "one too many times"; a woman past her prime; too ripe with age; no longer sexually appealing.

1. "Damn Rodney, stop being a wern. Give us our $1000 in overtime!"

2. "Damn Vivi, you used to look cute but now you's just a fatass wern."
by Jacklyn Lee and Shams Malovi July 28, 2006