The opposite of verb
I'm going to sit on my ass for a little Werb.
by D November 21, 2004
Top Definition
some kid who always thinks his girl is cheating on him
robby is such a werb!
by flipdyood November 20, 2003
Werbs is "brew" spelled backwards. When pluralizing a "backwards" the "S" is placed at the end.
Werbs is "brew" spelled backwards. When pluralizing a "backwards" the "S" is placed at the end.

'Rence: TB is drinking reebs at iron horse
Sergs: we should crash her party
2TB: what's a reeb?
Nixon: beer backwards?
'Rence: yep. beer.
Orton: with an s on the end
2TB: nice
Nixon: i'd rather drink werbs
Sergs: werbs...
Orton: i like werbs
by LtotheG April 08, 2010
v. to create a new word (typically a verb)

n. an invented word that is probably not in the dictionary
"oh my god... I'm freaking out... why did I take so many mushrooms"
"it's okay man, just werb some werbs with me"
"did you say werb some werbs?"
"yea just make up words and conjugate them, you'll feel better"
"okay... smar?"
"yea you're getting it, try conjugating smar"
"smarring, smarred, smur, smurd, kersmugler, kersmugling, windowbaby, windowbabies, wow this is fun"
"still freaking out?"
"moondog, fuzzlewizard, fantaffy, pepperbungee, canoodling chicken fingers, did you say something?"
by trippersaucy June 09, 2013
(verb) to behave in a logorrheatic fashion, to say lots of words for no reason
Excessive caffeine causes many a nerd to werb
by jonglix May 03, 2005
apparatus commonly used to smoke ice or meth, Similar to a bong used to smoke marijuana.
Hey Aaron pass me that werb already man its not a fuckin microphone!
by piyox420andreev July 22, 2010
N. a person who thinks they are cool and are really not, spends most of their time in chatrooms acting tough.

plural. werbs

also see: WERBERT
Zay and shaz are such werbs.
by LoS January 21, 2003
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