A whiny little nothing master; a bitchboy; an utterly fatuous dickweed who suggests that they simply want to live their life and not be criticised all the while shoving there inconsequential and generally annoying presence up everyone's ass, ad nauseum.

Although he/she professes the opposite, a wentz thinks he/she is a special, delicate flower that wilts when unloved.
Guy: My brother is a total wentz
Girl: Oh my God, that is awful.
Guy: Yeah, he bitches and cries nonstop; also, he regularily urinates himself when challenged. In short, His sexual identity is malformed and he therefore suffers many emotional and egotistical neuroses.
Girl: Where does he go to school again?
Guy: Stanford, obviously.
by HowardsEnd April 26, 2007
Top Definition
Replacement of any insult in the English language: idiot, moron, dumbass, jerk, douche, shithead, etc. Unflattering reference to Pete Wentz, bassist of Fall Out Boy. Coined by posters at the popular blog The Hater, featured on The Onion AV Club.
"Oh my god, Sarah, you forgot to do the homework *again*? You're such a Wentz."

Can also be a verb ("He really Wentzed it up this time!") or an adjective ("That girl is such a Wentz-face!").
by c2feeln April 26, 2007
This phrase is used by a group of Fall Out Boy fans. It refers to the bassist and lyricist Peter Wentz. When upset Wentz is known to write lyrics into a blog. The phrase is used when in an emo mood.
My whole family just died in a horrific accident. I'm going to have a wentz.

Dear diary,
What you do on your own time's just fine.
My imagination's much worse, I just never want to know.
What meant the world imploaded faded and demoted
All my oxygen to product gas and suffocated my last chance

by foreverbored November 19, 2005
another word for taking a poo.

also coincidentally the last name of Fall Out Boy member Peter Lewis Kingston "Pete" WentzIII
Oh dude my stomach is cramping I gotta go take a Wentz!!
by malakalaka May 04, 2009
modern day chachi
He ya wentz, we're trying to watch the game, quit playing the jukebox.
by rknicker October 19, 2008
wentz (verb): to penetrate, ejaculate, and procreate

'He wentzed me'
'Oh noez! I've been wentzed'
'We were wentzing all night'
by plkwiii July 10, 2008
meaning penis, :D comming from fall out boy's bassist pete wentz, when his nude pictures of himself playing with....himself, were leaked onto the internet
you know that kid dustin? he has a huge wentz!
by chanellle April 27, 2007
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