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Wemos are basicaly Wannabe Emos, see:Emo
They listen to bands such as : Simple plan, Good Charlotte and fall out boy. They spend thier time taking mopy pictures of them self, attempting to wear eye liner, pretending to self harm and sulking about thier "Horrible lives" These "Horrible Lives " consist of: Many friends, a family thats loves them and a nice house.
Alice: How are ya?
Eliza: BAD! I dont enough money to spend on crap eye liner, my life is awful! Im gonna go self harm :(
by Taylor Mcarthy July 10, 2008
A person who tries to be "emo", but is really just preppy in disguise. Wears multiple articles of clothing that are red plaid at the same time (ex. Red plaid skinny jeans with a red plaid hoodie). Favorite band is usually Never Shout Never. Talks about how depressed they are all the time, and dies the end of their hair black, then flips it over their eyes.
Wemo: I looove your jeans! I wish I had jeans like that. God, I hate my life. I'm gonna go cut myself to Never Shout Never.

Non-wemo: Yeah, right. Like your life really sucks that much. Besides, you wouldn't ever cut yourself. Your just a wemo
by Lucywa13 October 07, 2010
wannabe emo.
guy-omg, im gonna slit my wrists tonight.

girl-no , don't if you do it .. i will kill myself.

both- lets be depressed together ^^

wemos ¬.¬
by a person. ? May 12, 2009
A wannabe emo.
Wemos are recognised as being even more irritating as "real" emos. If a person were to be that depressed, they wouldn't give a shit how they dressed or even come outside their house. Therefore, all emos are wemos.

A wemo wears a fuckload of eyeliner, usually styled to look like Cleopatra. Their photos are taken with them looking depressed and if put on myspace, bebo, etc, they will put the caption as lyrics to some shitty song by a shitty wemo band (eg. My Chemical Romance, BrokeNCYDE, Fall Out Boy, Escape The Fate, Madina Lake.. you get the point).

Most of them wake up everyday and forget they're trying to look like an emo, so occasionally they'll look like a scenefag with a head full of bows (idiots..) and bright fluro belts.

When they type or even write by hand, they repeat the same letters in a word to make it look "cool", when it is actually extremely irritating to read, example: "ii lovee yhuu sweetii thnnx foor thee commenntt"

In conclusion, a wemo constantly posts a message on Myspace, Twitter, Bebo, Facebook etc. making it sound like their lives are horrible, but in truth, they have a big group of loyal friends, loving family and good education. They also post billions of messages crying about a boyfriend/girlfriend they never had/ that doesn't even exist.

Support metal, eat emos.
..fucking emos..
The most common phrase used by a wemo-
"Yhuu lookk stunniin baabee"

..fuck how that's irritating...
by KvltAsFuck October 14, 2009
A person,who wants to be emo.
They may go around saying'Oh,im so emo.Im gonna cut myself,then write a sad poem about it'
They may listen to bands like My Chemical Romance,and Fall Out Boy.
And wear black,purple or red.
If they have bebo,or myspace they will give themself names like 'Little_Mizz_Emo'
Or 'Hardcore-Chick.
Emo kid.'Hey,Escape The Fate rocks!'
Wemo.'Hey,why don't you listen to some real emo music!'
Kid 1.'Hey Jimmy,how u going'
Wemo'Bad man,i failed my test,so im gonna cut myself,cos im so emo!'
Kid 1.'Wtf???'
by ClaireGloomyBear September 17, 2008
Stands for wannabe emo. They listen to bands like Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy. They take pictures of half their faces or from above angles then edit them on photoshop. They whine and complain about their lives and talk about cutting themselves. They can also lie about their homosexuality to try and make themselves look more emo. Also tell people they're emo.
Guy 1: After I didn't see you I went to Richard's house and we cut our veins.
Guy 2: Oh yes we're so emo.

^ thats wemo
by dorkiiweirdoo April 11, 2007
Typically applied to younger kids(around 13+) desperate to become emo.Such people conform to the stereo-typical behaviour in order to be seen as emo.-This includes diliberatly "getting into" a band because of its reputation and popularity,for example My Chemical Romance,Wemos also begin to start telling everyone how depressing their life has become,and can be frequently heard saying "im an emo,so what" and "im SO individual".If their hair is too short to make an impressive emo fringe then the hair is pulled harshly round about the location of an eye.Skinny jeans,eyeliner and depressing photo angles begin to show up in the wemos everyday appearence.
HA look at that bunch of wemos over there!

They're such a bunch of little wemos!
by Jodee. November 19, 2007