Wemo is a young wanabee emo.
They tend to go to shitty gigs with all their wemo friends.
They enjoy headbanging out of beat, pretending their drunk just so they can fuck about and not get the blame, and have really cheap crap hairstyles that their mum has done and/or clothes that there mum has bought them and died them black.
Miss Murder: LMAO Look at those wemos!
Dave Death: OMFGZZ look how small they are!
by fuckthescene September 16, 2006
Short For - Wannabe Emo

Someone who usually:

Boys: Dresses in, usually fake, converse, wears there fringe infront of there eyes, "likes" standing in the rain, cold, snow etc and doesn't like sunny weather, sings a lot of MCR and straight bums off them, also likes you me at six, all time low and muse. Profile picture is usually of MCR or a picnik edit of them with red eyes, vampire teeth and some MCR Lyrics

Girls: Same as the above but wears a lot of black eyeshadow, pale make-up and eyeliner, wears pink, bums of All time low and You me at six

Usually have twitter/facebook/profile names like ShOoTiNg StAr or Falling Deeply or UnDeRsTaNd Me
FaLlen StAr: Mcr are the best... *sings black parade*
Girl 1: *to friends and wemo* Its raining can we go inside ?
FaLleN StAr: No, i like the rain, it understands me, ya know what i mean...
by Itsgeorgialouiseee January 18, 2011
wemo: a wannabe emo (if unknown search emo)who will even go to the extent of saying that they are either homosexual, bisexual or gay/lesbian. Some wemo's even buy fake tatoo cuts and grazes frrom thee joke shop and bragg about self-harming.
"oh you know what Ruth" (the wemo scratches arm vigorously to reveal his/her slashed wrists)"what happened their" the other replied "nothing just self-harming no biggie i do it all the time"
by Blairy February 09, 2007
Simply: A wannabe emo.

They come in groups - when one person changes their taste in style and music (to heavy rock, grunge, metal etc.), and all the others follow like sheep.

Usually 'convert' overnight, or over a few days, and go from one extreme to the other, i.e Chav to Wemo.

They say they love songs by Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights etc.
But as soon as you ask them about their original stuff, they mutter something, and change the subject.

They start off wearing wristbands.
They develop to fingerless gloves.
They get piercings.
Lots of piercings: Lip, Snakebite, Eyebrow, Nose etc.
They stretch their ears to ridiculous sizes
Girl: Omg, as if she's stretched her ear to 8mm. Stupid wemo.
by KellehKoo December 04, 2006
One who poses as an emo, but lives in a trailer park, with other White Trash. They generally have obedient girlfriends who idolize them, despite their obvious insignificance.
Brandon's such a wemo! All he does is sit in his trailerpark listening to Bullet for My Valentine!
by Saboteur231 April 15, 2011
Someone who labels themselves as "emo"
But really isn't, they pretend their emo by
wearing lots of black eyeliner & the fashion, but you can tell...They fail very badly ;]

They also pretend they self harm, and are emotional...

They call themselves emo cos they think that "My Chemical Romance & Greenday" are emo...

Wannabe Emo's!! (they suck and i hate them for messing around with stereotypes)
wemo: "sob, please help me i've been cutting myself"

emo: "wtf??"

wemo: "i'm so emo, i listen to MCR!!"

Emo: "are you like a wemo or something??
cos MCR is not emo...its fuckin POP"
by Sunni_Apocalypse September 13, 2008
A person who wishes to be a real emo but can't cut themsves or try to cut themeselves with plastic thinqs.

Wemo meaninq wannabe Emo. W-Emo
Person1: Look at that girl. She looks emo.

Person2: But she has no cuts on her arms.

Person1: Maybe she's Wemo?
Person2: Wemo? Ohh wannabe Emo.

Person1: Yupp.
by HeyCutie(: March 28, 2010

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