those sad little wanabe emo's
Wemo = wanabe emo.
"oh im so emo,"
*cut cut cry cry*

they WILL annoy the shitt out of you, and they have no real problems.

or the ones that follow the "trends" they think their unique and they look exactly the sme as everyone else.
and the ones who are bi because its the "emo" thing to do.
cunts. :@
"that kid is such a wemo"
"i am NOT a wemo"
"go back to your corner :)"
by mr blobby. March 30, 2007
Wemo- Has many different definitions depending from the area. In this case: Wannabe emo. Some class wannabe emo as those who listen to fall out boy, panic! at the disco, hawthorne heights and simple plan. Others think of those who look like emos, but are not quite there. Those who complain about their perfect lives and think of self harm as cool, when people who do it need help. Ex - Chavs. Others believe anyone slightly emo is wemo, therefore they cant believe anyone is emo? Oh and people that are obviously fake but call themselves emo.
Wemo: I'm emo! I listen to hawthorne heights, and wear clothes from the gothic range at new look, which i cant afford as i spend all my money on crap to help me with my awful life. *attempts to cry*
by BlurryAngel December 23, 2006
An individual who genuinely believes that they're an Emo when they're trying terribly to be one and failing. They'll usually be seen wearing stupid hoodies they bought from H&M, heard complaining about there unimportant problems, and with a make-shift side fringe. They'll have a Myspace account, on which they will have filled out their profile details in text-speak most likely. They'll confuse emo music with indie, rock and metal. They'll say they like bands which they never actually listen to. They will desperately wait for somebody to mention their supposed label of 'Emo', and when someone does it will transpire that they obviously are flattered, but they will deny it half-heartedly. Even though you only said it in the hope of embarrassing them!
Paul: heeeyyyy r u going 2 the simple plan concert in july?
Ian: defooo mayte rock on!111
Me: So, you two, being Emos *trying to embarrass them* must love all heavy music, you know like Simple Plan and.. Good Charlotte and MCR... yup you are so hardcore.
Paul and Ian together: cheers mayte =] yea those r our fave bands omg how did u no!1?
Me: I was trying to embarrass you, you wemo, wemoooooo
Wemo people are basically really sad little kids who think they're So emo.
They listen to music like linkin park, Fall out boy, Panic at the Disco, think they're heavy metal.
They shop at the emo range in H&M or Topshop, which is really sad, because every wemo buys their clothes there. They sometimes go to Tammy. You also see them patrolling the streets in groups of fives, giving evils to the really cool kids who they envy so much.
They're also found in the emo section of Claires, buying armbands and shit like that. They try to desperately to be random on bebo or myspace but they just sound like fucking insane people who have no lives. Black eye make up doesn't look good on them, and they copy other cool kid's styles, like their words and the way they act.
Basically they're like 13 year olds who think it's cool to copy other people and their styles, they're such fakes!
On a wemos bebo:

"Some of my favourite things are music and putty twats.
I also like to eat grass * smiles* "
On non uniform day a wemo turns up at school dressed in a spongebob top, camoflage pants and converse style pumps.

They fucking disgust me. O_o
by KoolKidd November 26, 2007
When someone call's you Wemo what they really mean,is,Well Emo!
Joe: are so Wemo :|
XxHeartFullOfSorrowxX: Aaaaw thanks man,i really caked on my eyeliner today.I think it might be my new extra tight pants :)
Joe: wait what?????
XxHeartFullOfSorrowxX: You just said i was Well Emo :] thanks <333
by Huba Huba In hoobland August 21, 2011
wannabe member of the Emotional Hardcore subculture
"Whats with all the fuckin' Wemos here?"
by Spookaiiiii June 19, 2008
An wemo is someone who tries to be emo and lies so Thier "friends" will think thier emo, in this it hardly eva works, wemos try too hard and just do it for a fashion instead of what emo acctually stands for, wemos also think it's kewl to cut themselves they fake homosexuality/ bi
guy 1- hey look at him

guy-2 oh gawd another wannabe

wemo- Oh $%£ off your just £$@{^&$ jealous

Guy 1- Get bent

Wemo- do u want me to slit my wrists an cry and write sad poerty

guy2- wat eva

Wemo- walks and fake cries
by bj2790 March 24, 2007

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