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A school in wellington, florida. the school went from coool, to whack. there are a bunch of white kids who think they are thugs because they wear tall tees and dickies. 80% of the kids at school smoke marijuana and drink alchol on the weekends and brag about it the next monday they come back. there are alot of fights mostly involving the black kids from belle glade and pahokee, but most of the fights r jumping and not actual 1 on 1 fights. the principle sucks and the AP's are assholes with their megaphones. u get a detention if ur 30secodns late to class. the halls are really crowded and the spanish and black kids like to purposly block the hallways infront of the main building and talk in circles because they think they are the shit, but theyre not, because they are ugly. there are only a few hot girls, but those few hot girls get hit on by about half the senior and junior population. the school starts at 7:30 in the fucking morning, and ends at 2:50. there is a 7min. break between classes. the pizza they sell to the kids suck, they recently changed it from papa johns, to "big daddys pizza" the school is about 60% white, 25% spanish, 10% black, 5% other.
Yo do you go to wellington high school? the school sucks.
by ilovewellington June 04, 2009
a school in wellington, florida where you're either a white rich kid, a black/hispanic kid, a redneck, a druggie, or a slut. overall it's a smart A grade school. there are always fights (almost always involving the black kids) and people getting arrested during lunch and after school. just about everyone goes to parties even though the parties in wellington fucking suck and then come to school fucked up on late start days. the rednecks sit under the word "country" where it says "wolverine country" on the building which is funny. it also takes about 10 minutes just to walk to the student parking lot because the school is fucking retarded and puts us a mile away.
hey have you heard about those fucking rich sluts over at wellington high school that were at the party last night?
by 33414 December 17, 2008
Wellington High School were 95.3% of the white kids pretend to be black. Were 75% of the kids start fights on facebook but they never go anywhere. Where kids smoke weed on the weekends beacuse they think there cool catz. Were Pretending ur from West Palm Beach and your a hard core thug is cool. When in reality its not. Were people talk shit behind your back. Even your friends.
by Encrypters October 10, 2011
Go wolverines.. They say...

No school spirit, A place where the football team sucks, SGA is annoying as fuck, and the rules are irrational. A school where girls AND guys get dress code for their shorts being to short. No shorts, no leggings, no tank tops. Did I mention Wellington is in SOUTH FUCKING FLORIDA where it is usually over 90 degrees? It's a Quite diverse school regarding social classes. 80% rich white kids who ride horses and the other 20% who are poor. probably the only school in the country that girls get judged on how much their purse costs, and where it is socially unacceptable to wear back packs.

Go wolverines... They say..
by Hellington January 31, 2014

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