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(1)Usually referred to only when hungry

(2)or, in the case of rare unfortunate circumstances, a former place of employment.
(1)Im hungry lets call papa johns and get a peperoni pizza for $14
(2)I was scheduled to work untill 10pm but its fuc**n papa johns so I was there untill 2.
(2)Because i work at papa johns i have to count out 42 pepperonis on every pepperoni pizza. Or my boss will yell and me or maybe write me up.
by vince___ August 04, 2005
please refer to shit
dumbass #1: i wasted my money on papa shits
dumbass #2: u mean papa johns?
dumbass #1: no, papa shits
dumbass #2: what is papa shits?
dumbass #1: stfu
by Eddie J. March 25, 2007
The worst-ever place to work. They'll pay you minimum wage and schedule you for you 15 hours a week, 8 of which you'll actually get to work. You'll work through the busiest part of the day, and they'll send you home as soon as you get a chance to relax a little. If you're unfortunate enough to get suckered into managing a Papa John's, they'll put you on salary and work you 75 hours a week. (That way they don't have to pay overtime.)

Also the worst-ever place to order pizzas. As a direct result of hating their jobs so much, the employees automatically hate you for ordering from them. They'll do a shitty job on your pie, and even if they drop it or a fly lands in the sauce, they'll still box it and send it to you. And they never, ever wash their hands, even after going to the bathroom. Trust me.
I think my Papa John's pizza had a hair and some dead roaches on it. Yeah, that's definitely a roach.
by Mustapha February 10, 2006
A drug dealer that delivers.
"Hey dude, Papa John is on the phone...he'll be here in 20."
by Roach Infesta January 22, 2007
Papa John and Hitler are the same person; have you ever noticed both like to cook things in ovens?
by Forte.exe December 12, 2013
A widely used safe word used to stop aggressive activities during kinky sex.
Damnit newbie you're donkey punching me too hard! PAPAJOHN'S!
by nnewbie May 19, 2008
A person who provides you with free pizza in exchange for sexual favors.
Man I really want some pizza, but I don't want to pay for it. I wish I had a Papa John.
by falconear July 12, 2015

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